Could Be The Hottest E-mail In The World
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11-13-2015 04:43 AM

Ask Darin Myman about an email which should never have been sent, and when she examined the contents of his sent email he probably will let you know about a friend who was caught cheating on his wife. Needless to say Darin himself, like everyone who uses email frequently, should have made their own email errors - maybe a wrong addition, a wrong email address (autofill is a comfort, but you really have to pay for attention!), accidental utilization of 'response all', or indiscreet articles that might be regretted only nanoseconds after hitting the 'send' button. But though his mistakes might not have observed the same level of consequences as his red-handed friend's, they certainly were enough to motivate Darin to complete anything about the issue, and that's how he created the concept for BigString. Discover further on our partner article - Click here: salesforce ftp.

BigString Corporation ( now provides BigString 3.0, a web-based e-mail service that provides the individual control over sent mail - also once the mail is sent to the individual. webmail service will be the only service that gives this. This type of function is already familiar to people of specific e-mail services, including AOL mail. This influential company website paper has various poetic lessons for the reason for it. In AOL, nevertheless - as in any other mail system - this could only be done within the AOL network if the individual is also having an AOL target) (i.e. and only if the e-mail is not opened. But, the concept that you may contact a different host and grab right back your wayward messages at any time, from any position, is just a func-tion that wasn't available as yet.

The title 'BigString' deliberately evokes an image of a long string, attached for your sent emails, that you can pull-on to pull straight back an email that you should not have sent. Of-course it is a transparent process - except the sender may also select different security options, producing and sending a message is just like doing so in, say, Yahoo Mail or Gmail. Also like its well-known competitors, BigString 3.0 contains conventional e-mail functions, such as: Sticky Notes, Automatic Message High-lighting, Calendar, Advanced Message Sorting and Advanced Spam and Virus Filtering. Under the covers, though, it's really more like giving out the end of the string, as you keep the contents, retaining the power to cut the string and remove usage of any secure material in the external world.

BigString has obviously given some thought to the different ways that this technology may be used. One option would be to have a mail 'self-destruct' (together with your choice of visual effects, including a little bonfire) after a certain amount of time, or after having been read a certain number of times. Or, you are able to specify the e-mail is non-forwardable, non-printable, or non-savable. This can help make certain that the awkward video you sent to a pal doesn't wind up posted on YouTube. You will make he email trackable, so you know if and when it been opened and submitted. And most intriguing of all, you can modify mail after it has been sent, or change one connection for another. This function is especially ideal for emails which have time-sensitive cost quotes, company offers or old appropriate material.

Free movie e-mail is yet another offering on's long-list of great free features. gives each of its users a free video email community where people can send out audio/visual greetings and messages to everyone and any webmail service across the world. It is a fun feature that's also difficult to come by for free.

Secure email is just a natural function for BigString to provide. 'Our consumers, both consumer and businesses a-like, have told us that they need increased email safety and get a grip on due to their sensitive correspondence,' says Darin. 'With our Three-layer Secure email, we are allowing the sender to get that additional get a grip on and security. Now consumers can readily communicate via e-mail using their attorneys, accountants, stockbrokers or anyone they would like to send sensitive and painful, personal or proprietary information without the fear that it will be viewed or submitted to anyone but the intended recipient. Their confidential e-mails will always be confidential.'

BigString, like many webmail companies, provides its users with a free email address and a free email account, including a nice 4 Gb of storage.. In addition it provides the ability to deliver free embedded movie emails up-to 1-0 minutes in length, a feature not available with most other free mail services. In addition, there are certain advanced services directed at small-business and more demanding customers. For a low monthly payment, BigString gives people the ability to raise their Video Email capabilities and storage capacity. To compare more, please consider taking a look at: research ftp salesforce. Smaller businesses can set up their own email system up) and (1-0 email accounts utilizing the BigString email support, that will be POP3 appropriate allowing its use with email clients including Outlook. Premium consumers may also include movie e-mail marketing tools.

Darin's inspiration to protect himself from indiscretions (like the one that tripped up his friend with the marital infidelity problem) has yielded an item that will be helpful to anyone who values privacy, safety, and independence from one more of modern life's worries.. Be taught more on our partner web site - Click here: ftp salesforce reviews.

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